New Faces & New Places: COY8 Day 1

It all started around 4am this morning. In Doha, it is November 23. I woke up around 4am Arabic Standard Time, otherwise known as 7pm Central Standard Time. I’ve heard it was because of this weird thing “Jet Lag” that people keep mentioning. Hm. Anyway- after a lovely productive morning of blogging and stuffing myContinue reading “New Faces & New Places: COY8 Day 1”


The smaller, less modernized portion of Doha that my delegation is staying in has a lot of shops surrounding our hotel. There are market places, furniture stores, and a LOT of barber shops that they call “Hair Saloon”s. The most shocking thing for me to see, or rather NOT to see, is that there areContinue reading “Observation”