Our Blood is the Redline

Our blood is the Redline


Let rage empower and embolden you

Despair and sadness can’t steal your light

We do not make compromises- those are the tools of the guilty

We must remember: we are here to live, not just to survive


My tears cannot fix the drought ravaging my home

Or undo the racism in a world above 3 degrees

Together, we unite to demand climate justice and make the change we need

We are time bound by our love of each other


Our defiance of business- as usual and capital- will free us

The only effective mechanisms are our relationships with one another


I will not watch as the world burns

I will put that fire to use in my heart

I will burn injustice to ashes


To turn the world upside-down must be the overcorrection of a deadly history

I do not believe in solutions until the problems are of the past

You cannot keep my [spirit] and [determination] in brackets


Together, we are the dance of our movement

Together, our boiled blood is the red line of our revolution

Our reprise is action

Our reprise is love

Our reprise is our humanity


We have nothing to lose but our change



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