Disaster Vulnerability Looks Different for Women

In the case of “natural” disasters, women are more often than not the ones who take the brunt of the impacts following the event. According to the article “The Gendered Nature of Natural Disasters: The Impact of Catastrophic Events on the Gender Gap in Life Expectancy, 1981–2002” written by Eric Neumayer of the London SchoolContinue reading “Disaster Vulnerability Looks Different for Women”

You Otter Know: Ocean Color Reveals Ecosystem Health

Deforestation. Yes. Stopping deforestation, many people say, is one of the most important things in the world to mitigate climate change. “The trees are like the lungs of the planet,” you often hear. But did you know that the world’s oceans actually absorb more carbon annually than the world’s forests? But little is known about how the oceans’Continue reading “You Otter Know: Ocean Color Reveals Ecosystem Health”