COP19: Poland= Coaland?

It was announced on Wednesday, November 28, that the host country for COP19 is going to be Poland. Just as this year’s COP(18) is being held in an oil state, Qatar, we have to wonder how a country whose industry is dependent upon dirty fossil fuels (a.k.a. COAL) are being granted the opportunity to host the meeting of parties from around the world “working” together to mitigate the impacts of anthropogenic climate change. Most of the work I’ve done at home has been centered around moving the United States Beyond Coal, so the fact that climate negotiations will be held essentially on the battle ground makes me rather unsettled, just as the influence of oil has been seen in this session of negotiations (what are you doing on the escalator in front of me, man from BP?)

Thoughts, world?


One thought on “COP19: Poland= Coaland?

  1. Often COP is used as a platform for delivering climate change initiatives, particularly from the host country. So I welcome Polands bid to host and look forward to see what initiatives they put forward at the conference. As for fossil fuel based economies:

    COP 18 = Qutar – Oil & Gas = 50% GDP
    COP 17 = South Africa – Coal = 15% GDP
    COP 16 = Mexico – Largest oil exporter to the US
    COP 15 = Denmark – 80% fossil fuel consumption in Energy Matrix.

    Fossil Fuels are part of our world economies, so looking forward is the only perspective one can have with COP. Most negations break down when people start pointing fingers on who emites the most greenhouse gases.

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