Let the COP Begin!!!

Monday, November 26 marked the opening of the Conference of Parties 18 (COP18). My day started off bright and early with a meeting with Youth NGOs (YOUNGO) to discuss and share our ideas and what work we would like to get done at this COP. The official day of the COP started with the opening plenary.Continue reading “Let the COP Begin!!!”

Stopped by Cops… at COP?: COY8 Day 3

How many people get to say that they were stopping from running across the highway in Qatar by angry looking police (cops, as we say in the U.S.) in berets and aviator sunglasses because the Prince was about to drive past? I can happily say (now that the shock has gone) that I can addContinue reading “Stopped by Cops… at COP?: COY8 Day 3”

Doha: Stories Unheard and Voices Ignored

Today marks the third day of the Conference of Youth (COY8) leading up to the beginning of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s 18th Conference of the Parties (COP18) international climate change policy negotiations begin tomorrow. This morning was a rough start. We had to take care of some issues with the hotelContinue reading “Doha: Stories Unheard and Voices Ignored”

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, COY: COY8 Day 2

Doha is such a beautiful city. The city skyline has popped up in the just the last five years and it is continually growing, evolving, and, might I say, becoming more shiny. Each morning, I will be taking the shuttle bus from the area where my hotel is and past this gorgeous view. Each eveningContinue reading “Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, COY: COY8 Day 2”

New Faces & New Places: COY8 Day 1

It all started around 4am this morning. In Doha, it is November 23. I woke up around 4am Arabic Standard Time, otherwise known as 7pm Central Standard Time. I’ve heard it was because of this weird thing “Jet Lag” that people keep mentioning. Hm. Anyway- after a lovely productive morning of blogging and stuffing myContinue reading “New Faces & New Places: COY8 Day 1”


The smaller, less modernized portion of Doha that my delegation is staying in has a lot of shops surrounding our hotel. There are market places, furniture stores, and a LOT of barber shops that they call “Hair Saloon”s. The most shocking thing for me to see, or rather NOT to see, is that there areContinue reading “Observation”

Hotel Fun Facts

Well.. some of them are not so fun… some of them are just interesting observations. Perhaps “quirks” is a better word: There is a small hose next to the toilet There is not a shower curtain and none of us can figure out how to shower without recreating a scene from “Titanic” in the bathroomContinue reading “Hotel Fun Facts”

So This Is Jet Lag

I’ve always heard-tell of this thing “Jet Lag”. It almost seemed like a mythical creature growing up. Wouldn’t you sleep when it’s dark outside? How hard could it be to sleep through the night? Apparently, it’s a lot harder than I had anticipated. After a long 36 hour trip and maybe about 15 hours worthContinue reading “So This Is Jet Lag”